Facebook is set to become the biggest virtual graveyard, with the number of TimeHop and ‘On This Day’ shares to outnumber new statuses by late 2016 according to experts. The bleak prediction comes from statistician Tom Maspass, after an increasing number of users on the social network began to complain about a lower selection of statuses to reshare from previous years, and some visitors were forced to share the same post over five times.

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“It’s really affected the number of likes on my posts” remarked one irate user. “I went to share the amazing dinner I had in 2012, but realised I’d shared the exact same post for the past two years running and I don’t have much else to add to it. The most recent post I’ve shared in 2016 was from two years ago and the majority of my Timehop posts are around 3-7 years old – I’m really worried about what I’ll have to share going forward or how many more likes I can actually get from the girls’ 2011 holiday in Magaluf”.

The social network, with an active monthly user base of 1.591 billion users worldwide, has seen a significant drop in the amount of original content shared since Jonathan Wegener and Benny Wong first founded Timehop in 2011. With over 293,000 statuses and 136,000 photos posted every 60 seconds on Facebook, the new announcement raises a debate on how much, if indeed any, of this has been written in the past year and how long the channel can maintain its figures. 

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While the majority of users are happy to reshare their passive-aggressive, third-party statements from 2013 year-on-year, the main issue for many comes in posting to Facebook on days with no previous content. “If I don’t have anything to share, I don’t have anything to say. I rarely see friends nowadays so I rely on my previous statuses to communicate, engage and keep in touch with old acquaintances. I haven’t seen some in over five years, meaning it’s vital we stay in touch through virtual means” an anonymous user told us. 

Facebook declined to comment on the issue, though some predictions have suggested the organisation plans to release an ‘on this year’ video later this month, with a selection of random friends and statuses curated into a 30-second video. With nothing confirmed, experts are keeping a close eye on the amount of content shared, ensuring they change 2014 articles on the topic to include 2016 in the title in anticipation for the rush.